2020 Urban Water Management Plans

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Urban Water Management Plans are prepared by urban water suppliers every 5 years to support long-term resource planning and water supply sustainability. (click image for DWR website.)

2020 Urban Water Management Plan


From 2020 to 2021 ManageWater was the lead consultant to manage the 2020 UWMP for a San Francisco Bay Area Water Agency.

2020 Water Shortage Contingency Plan


From 2020 to 2021 ManageWater was the lead consultant managing the Water Conservation Plan for a San Francisco Bay Area Water Agency.

Grant-funded Projects 

BAWSCA and Valley Water AMI
Implementation Survey

CII Water Conservation Technologies

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ManageWater completed a project in 2020 to detect water leaks using drone technology that was funded through a grant from the Innovative Conservation Program  (ICP).  

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ManageWater Consulting, Inc., in association with Don Schlenger and Associates, LLC., developed a comprehensive survey for BAWSCA and VW agencies to identify the current status of AMI implementation and interest in collaboration on regional projects.

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Collaboration with research facility engineers at Stanford University led to retrofits using water misers – water saving devices – for inefficient sterilizers. This technology uses a solenoid valve to detect heat from discharged steam condensate to quench, rather than traditional continuous water flow.

Research and Review Regulations  for Technology Startups

Water Research

Drone Projects and Aerial Imagery


Review of technologies and regulatory framework for water efficiency in specific industries – dairy, breweries, textiles, finance, irrigation, metering, laboratories – fast-tracked technology startup company to focus on the most productive technology, saving the company time and cash.

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ManageWater reviews and advises about the current science and regulations related to climate change impacts on water resources.  


Small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS, drones) are used for aerial inspections and monitoring of existing or new water infrastructure.  The high-quality imagery and low relative cost allow frequent and timely aerial monitoring of construction projects, canals, levees, dams, and pipelines.